Solar power stations in space?

The idea of huge solar farms in space sounds ridiculous. We already have enormous solar farms on earth like the Tengger Desert Solar Park in China that produces up to 1,547MW of power. In fact, that’s enough energy to power a whole city which is insane.


Biotechnology is a man-made way of taking advantage of living organisms, their components, their by-product, and other biological systems to help in the manufacturing or production of a specific product or develop a process that can be utilized for special industrial applications and use-cases.

Social Media Addiction

A blog article from Paul Winter. Social media addiction is becoming more and more of a problem since the global crisis happened/ is happening and people need to become more aware of many things surrounding that topic. This blog shall try to bring the topic closer to you! Picture 1basic information: A person spends about […]

5G: The Next-Gen Network?

A blog written by Omar Faid. It’s been nearly a decade in the making, but 5G is finally becoming a reality. Some people are wondering whether 5G will be a tremendous enough difference compared to it’s predecessor,4G, while others are more interested in how 5G could not only change communication around the globe but also […]

Neural Interfaces

A blog written by Omar Faid. What are neural interfaces? Neural interfaces are devices that interact with the nervous system. They are electronic devices placed on the outside or inside of the brain or nervous system to record or stimulate activity. Interfaces placed inside the brain or body are known as internal, invasive or implanted […]